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Kshitiz - means horizon, a beautiful place where the Earth and Sky seems to meet. My name is also spelt as kshitij, or shitij or shitiz, but here it's Kshitiz. Technology, gadgets interests me most and my hunger for knowledge never ends. Right now I am a software developer.

- Kshitiz Chandra

The genius minds already know me, and those who are left can visit my Profile.

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Hello Your order has already been processed, you can check your email for details. Kindly dont post your comments here, you can get all information from the customer care or email to mail@horizonaarc.com thankyou

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Dear Mr.Kshitiz, Nishikant and Mr.Ravikumar, Namaste. I have placed an order (ORDER NO. 5558203) for one of your product SAMAY SUTRAM 2.0 on last Friday i.e.12.11.10. On 13th Nov., I have remitted payment of Rs.810 also to your SBI AC 00000030603642464 – Branch Rithala through online transfer from my SBI bank account. SBI Bank transaction ref. no. is IT16448367 dt.13.11.10. But I am yet to receive download link from you. Today Morning I spoke to you (Ravi) in this regard and sent SMS also. Still no response from your end. Can you please look into this. Thank you. Best regards, Naraiyanan Naraiyanan

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Mr. Khsitiz, I have been following up for my ordered software with the contact details given on your site but have not been confirmed the dispatch particulars yet. I have already made online money transfer and have been acknowledged for it. I was told that due to festival the software could not be dispatched but now when i trying the contact numbers, bothe the numbers given on your site are nob responsive. Please confirm. Regards Mani

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HI Where can i purchase ur kundali software, Where can i get it in Pune? How is your support avaliable, for how many years is the support included ? & what about patches and version upgrades? I want a Demo to test out, where is it avaliable? REgards

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